Captain Marvel Reveals Chewie the Cat's Full Name

Fans fell in love with Captain Marvel's adorable cat Goose in Cap's big MCU debut earlier this year, but fans have loved the cat in the comics for years now, who goes by the name of Chewie. The beloved kitty has always been a scene-stealer, but that is even more of the case in IDW Publishing's new Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1, which finds the city in a bit of a Flerken swarm. There's quite a bit going on, but before all that starts there is actually a cool little reveal on the first page, which spells out Carol's full name for Chewie, and it's going to make you love her even more.

Very light spoilers incoming for Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 (literally the first page), but just in case if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

So the first page of the issue shows Carol hanging out with her best friend for life Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. The two are enjoying relaxing on the couch and watching some movies together while Chewie curls up in a ball by Carol's side. The narration introduces each person in the room, including Chewie, and that's where we learn her full name is Chewbacca Sassy Danvers.

(Photo: IDW)

Now, we already knew Chewie was short for Chewbacca, but at least I was not aware her middle name was Sassy, and the full name of Chewbacca Sassy Danvers is just...well, glorious.

You can check out the page above.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is written by Sam Maggs and drawn by Sweeney Boo with colors by Brittany Peer, and you can check out the official description below.

"Go higher, further, and faster with Captain Marvel in this brand-new, all-ages adventure!

Carol Danvers’ quiet night with BFF Jessica Drew (a.k.a. Spider-Woman) takes a catastrophic turn when Manhattan’s bodegas are suddenly overrun by a host of angry felines! And not just any felines—Flerkens, the most terrifying, pocket-dimension-holding, tentacle-devouring kitty-look-alikes in the entire universe! Carol’s paw-sitive she can handle the situation on her own, but questions remain: can she overcome the formidable foes before it’s too late? How well does the “Find My Phone” function actually work?


It’s a Flerken invasion in the latest addition to the mighty Marvel Action banner!"

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is in comic stores now, and you can check out our full review right here. As always you can also hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Captain Marvel!