Marvel Is Turning Black Widow Into White Widow

Marvel is turning Black Widow into White Widow this June. The company released the cover for Black Widow #3 and a description of the issue. The first thing that people will probably gravitate towards is the fact that Nat seems to be getting married in the issue. That white wedding dress has some simple details that allude to her arachnid-based identity. (Check the lace near the neckline!) It seems that taking things toward a lighter costume is a thing in both the movies and comics right now.

Adam Hughes addressed the cover on Twitter and fans seem intrigued by what could be next for the character. “My BLACK WIDOW #3 cover, to help you forget the Coronavirus, for 2, maybe 3 seconds, depending on how into wedding dresses you are. #BlackWidow #MARVEL #fromtheAHvault”

Nat has gotten married before in the comics, to Alexei Shostakov, the Red Guardian. She’s also had romantic entanglements with Matt Murdock, Bucky Barnes, and Clint Barton at different times. It might be a case of her having to go deep undercover this time.

Over in the movies, she’s been prominently featured in a white version of her Black Widow suit. When the images of that hit the Internet during D23 last year, people lost their minds. It was a direction that a lot of fans weren’t expecting. But, it wouldn’t be the first time that they would see that outfit from her as well. Comics fans no doubt spied the homage to some of her previous adventures when she did her superhero landing on that bridge during the trailer. But, things could be a little more personal in Black Widow #3.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Variant cover by ANNIE WU
Nobody who knows Natasha Romanoff would have imagined THIS when hearing the words “White Widow,” but nothing about this new Nat is what anyone could have imagined. It’s no surprise that she’s looking sublime in white, but who’s the lucky groom? And is this a match for love…or death?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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