13 Reasons Why Star Katherine Langford Isn't in Avengers: Endgame After All

With the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel fans are finally seeing the end of the decade-long Infinity Saga that stretched across 22 films in the franchise. And while the movie does tease more superhero action for the future, it's also a celebration of the past as a lot of characters return for many surprising cameos.

But some people may be wondering about the supposed new blood that were going to debut in the film, especially 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford. A lot of people were wondering about her role in Avengers: Endgame after Langford's casting was announced, and now that the film is out, people only have more questions.

Warning: Minor spoilers for Avengers: Endgame below. Seriously, SUPER MINOR spoilers, so don't worry about learning something about the plot.

Langford was initially announced to be cast in Avengers: Endgame in October, and the news sent speculation engines into overdrive. With time travel and alternate realities rumored to be significant to the film's plot, people thought the actress would be playing anyone from a grown up Cassie Lang to Hawkeye's future protege Kate Bishop.

But the actress was nowhere to be seen in the film, isn't listed in the final credits, and now we are wondering what happened. Was her role cut, or was she never actually going to be in the film at all?

The Wrap first reported her involvement, but nothing was ever mentioned of it since outside of speculation posts and fan theories. It's unlikely that this is an example of fake news, because many trade journals reported on the casting as well. So what happened?

Hopefully we find out soon, or maybe we'll learn about a future Marvel Studios project that Langford will play a role in. Hawkeye might have a sidekick by training his daughter, but Langford could probably pull off a young Sue Storm very easily... just saying.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters.


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