Spider-Man Writer Reveals Horrifying Look at Symbiote-Infected Miles Morales

Spoilers for Absolute Carnage incoming! During the Miles Morales-starring Absolute Carnage tie-in this past week, everything ended with part of the Carnage symbiote splitting off and infecting the young web-slinger. The issue ended by giving a tease to fans of what's to come and now, Spider-Man writer Saladin Ahmed has unveiled what the newest baddie will look like the next time he shows up in an issue.

Ahmed tweeted a character design from the outstanding Javier Garron and if we're being honest, it's downright terrifying. All in all, the new design still uses Miles' classic black and scarlet suit as a base, though it takes some inspiration from the multi-armed Doppelganger — something that gives Miles six arms and two legs for a total of eight appendages. Pretty on-brand for a spider, right? The biggest changes come at the head, where Miles doesn't really resemble Carnage, Venom, or any of the other symbiotes we've seen before. Rather, he appears very beast-like with piercing chompers.

When we spoke to Ahmed earlier this year, he made sure to point out the need to break the mold during his time on the run, explaining the want to break Miles apart and dive much deeper into the character.

"And we're gonna dig a little deeper into Miles," Ahmed explained. "What it means for him to be not just Spider-Man, but to be Miles Morales, to be this teenager who has this background from Brooklyn, who's at this school, who has these friends, who goes on these dates, all of these sort of very human things that maybe haven't gotten as much attention with him as the superhero stuff has, is gonna be front and center in this book. Although, we're still gonna have some pretty exciting superheroics."

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1 out now while #2 hits shelves at your local comic store September 25th. The full solicitation for Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2 can be found below.


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