'Agents of SHIELD' Star Teases Flint Could Be Related

The latest season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has introduced many new characters as the team [...]

The latest season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has introduced many new characters as the team finds themselves in a post-apocalyptic future where the earth is destroyed and the remaining human population ruled by a Kree despot.

But there's one prominent bright spot in Flint, a young Inhuman with the power to manipulate rocks, who has grown close with Mack and Yo-Yo. Some fans are speculating that the character might even have a connection to the two, being a part of their bloodline in the distant future.

Actor Natalia Cordova-Buckley, who plays Yo-Yo on Agents of SHIELD, spoke about the possibility with TVLine, or whether or not Deke could be a descendent of FitzSimmons.

"Look, you're sort of on the right track, that there might be connections," said Cordova-Buckley. "But, again, we have not found out if there's any connection between us and Flint, and we have not found about the other connection you just made."

After teasing that something will revealed in the future, Cordova-Buckley revealed her own desires for a familiar connection.

"I'm hoping that Flint has something do with us," Cordova-Buckley said. "I want to adopt him and just bring him back [to the present]! I want to have him in my house every day, because I love that kid so much!"

There are likely to be some revelations in the coming episodes as Kasius dwindling forces head for a collision against the SHIELD agents who sparked a revolution on the Lighthouse, as teased by Mack actor Henry Simmons.

"The revolution has started, and there has to be a culmination to it," Simmons said. "There has to come a point where Kasius and people from our team come to a head, where there is a final conflict. It has to happen — and it will happen."

The first storyline "pod" in Agents of SHIELD is starting to come to a head, and it remains to be seen if they'll make it back to the present time unscathed. And after that, they still have to deal with the prophesized destruction of the Earth.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays on ABC. The new episode, "Past Lives," premieres February 2nd.