'Agents of SHIELD' Star Attributes Reading Comics As Kid to Getting Role on Show

Marvel's longest running television series, Agents of SHIELD, has seen a lot of classic comics characters over its five seasons, and one that has continued to show up throughout the years is Deathlok. The character is portrayed by J. August Richards, the actor best known for playing Charles Gunn on Angel. Richards recently spoke to Comicbook.com about Deathlok and his childhood love of comics. In fact, the actor attributes that love to getting the role.

"I cannot forget to say this, which I think is the most important thing. When I was a kid, every Saturday me and my friends begged our parents to drive us all the way to Silver Spring, Maryland to Jackie's Comic Store because we were obsessed with comic books. So to get this role was a lifelong dream come true, to be able to play a Marvel superhero, it's still such a big deal for me," Richards explained.

While the actor wants to continue playing Deathlok on the big screen, he also knows that Marvel Studios might have other plans.

"The gift has already happened, the blessing has already occurred. Anything after this is just a bonus round, is just extra credit. Whatever happens, obviously I would love to play the part. If I don't play the part, I'm totally fine with that. But it's just been such a blessingup until this point, and I cannot not communicate that part," he added.

ComicBook.com also asked about the actor's go-to superheroes growing up.

"Man, so many," he began. "When Spider-Man's new costume came out in Spider-Man 252, I remember that was like almost like The Beatles for me and my friends. We had been building up to that comic book for so long. Then, when Secret Wars came out after that, sort of answered the question of how he got a new costume. I remembered that being so exciting in my neighborhood, something that we just ... like the Thriller album, just one of those seminal moments in my childhood."

Richards added, "Then, I also had a big thing for Alpha Flight. I loved Alpha Flight a lot. Then, there's kind of an obscure comic called BM Agent that we really loved. I mean, I really loved that comic as well, so those were the ones. Those were my go-tos."

During the interview, Richards also talked about Agents of SHIELD's 100th episode.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC for the sixth season on May 10th.



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