Donald Glover Responds to 'Deadpool' Cancellation, Shares 'Finale' Script Online

The animated Deadpool TV series was nixed at FX but it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort on [...]

The animated Deadpool TV series was nixed at FX but it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort on the part of writer/producer Donald Glover.

Just last week, it was announced that the animated series, which was originally given a 10 episode order by FX, was being canceled after "creative differences" caused a riff between Marvel Television and brothers Donald and Stephen Glover, who had created the series. Donald, who currently produces, writes, and stars in Atlanta on FX, took to Twitter this morning to let his fans know that he had something worth watching, and that he had been putting forth the effort to make things work.

"For the record: I wasn't too busy to work on Deadpool," Glover wrote in a tweet.

He followed that message with a thread of screenshots. Each one was a page from the Deadpool first season finale script. As you read through the thread, it's clear that this show wasn't holding anything back, which is exactly what fans of Deadpool have always wanted.

The episode, which begins in the tweet below, sees Deadpool heading to Africa to try and help save the last male white rhino. He spends much of his time angering the people he's assisting, as well as burying himself in his phone and commenting on the social media antics of celebrities.

At one point in the episode, Deadpool sits down next to the rhino and has an entire conversation about how the show was "canceled" after just one season. He tries to figure out why that would have happened. Was it because the studio was racist? Or was it because he made fun of Taylor Swift? Perhaps is could have been because he called a bunch of older fans "pedophiles."

This conversation was 100 percent, pure Deadpool, and Glover shared it because he knew fans of the character would appreciate the work he was doing. The entire episode is filled with laughs from start to finish, and it makes you wonder exactly why Marvel didn't want to move forward with Glover on the project.

Either way, if you weren't disappointed about Deadpool being canceled before, read Glover's script and that will certainly change.

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