'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer Reveals Shuri Has Gone Missing

While Angela Bassett led Marvel fans to believe that the beloved women of Wakanda had all survived [...]

While Angela Bassett led Marvel fans to believe that the beloved women of Wakanda had all survived the Snap of Thanos, that may not actually be the case. With the arrival of the debut Avengers: Endgame trailer, we learned that Shuri was likely also lost to the wrath of the Mad Titan.

In the trailer, there is a scene in which Bruce Banner is standing in the lab and looking at photos of his friends who have been deemed "missing" after the Snap. What many will notice quickly are the images of Scott Lang and Peter Parker, both with "MISSING" written in red letters beside their name. For one brief moment, you can see that Shuri suffered the same fate.

The below image comes from the trailer, and shows Shuri's image appearing in the same place as Peter's. As you can see, she also gets the red letters beside her name, indicating that she was dusted alongside her brother, T'Challa.

shuri snap avengers endgame
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Scott Lang's appearance here does cast a small bit of doubt over the actual fate that Shuri suffered. He wasn't snapped away at the and of Infinity War, but was instead lost inside the Quantum Realm. To everyone else in the world, it likely seemed as though Scott was in the half of the population that was dusted away.

Something similar could have possibly happened to Shuri, though it's much less likely. The Avengers were all in Wakanda when the Snap took place. Since there was no Quantum Realm exploration happening where she was, it's hard to believe she got lost in an alternate dimension.

Unfortunately, Shuri was probably lost to the Snap just like so many others, leaving her mother with neither one of her children left by her side. Like so many others (probably Hawkeye), her family has been left devastated by the events of Infinity War.

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Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26, 2019.