'Avengers: Infinity War': [SPOILER] Confirmed To Return

The latest crossover film from Marvel Studios is set to bring together many different characters [...]

The latest crossover film from Marvel Studios is set to bring together many different characters from the cinematic universe, but fans have been wondering about the scope of the film ever since it was first announced.

Leaked footage from Avengers: Infinity War recently confirmed a long rumored actor reprising his role, with Benicio del Toro returning to the fold as the Collector.

Chatter of del Toro's involvement has been swirling around ever since the actor appeared near the set in the Atlanta, tagged in a photo on Instagram. While he was never confirmed in the film, many speculated the character had to have a role in the film with Thanos on the hunt for the Infinity Stones.

In the leaked scene, Thanos has invaded the Collector's museum, destroying many items in his attempts to obtain the Reality Stone, AKA the Aether.

The Guardians of the Galaxy converge on their location, though the reason or purpose is unclear from the footage. But they arrive just as Thanos has cornered the Collector, crushing the Elder of the Universe under his boot.

The footage also doesn't show Thanos, probably because they had not finished the CGI work for the character before the footage leaked. But when it cuts to the Collector laying on the ground, the foot standing on top of his chest is covered in clothing and items used for motion capture technology.

While the Collector pleads for his life, Thanos riffs on how useless he is and how his attempts at bargaining are akin to breathing, given his penchant to survive.

Whether this scene actually makes the final cut or whether it's condensed or explained through exposition, it all remains to be seen. At this point, fans should get excited at the prospect of seeing the Collector in a Marvel movie once again.

Even if things aren't exactly looking good for him.

Either way, Thanos still has to get his hands on the Tesseract, the Orb, the Eye of Agamotto, and the Vision's Mind Stone — not to mention the still unidentified Soul Stone.

We'll see just where Thanos' quest takes him when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on May 4, 2018.