'Avengers: Infinity War' Fan Poster Adds Hawkeye and Other Missing Marvel Characters

Avengers: Infinity War just got some lovely new covers, but fans have decided to fill in some of [...]

Avengers: Infinity War just got some lovely new covers, but fans have decided to fill in some of the missing characters.

Granted, there were 22 characters featured on those covers, but some were bummed that a certain favorite archer was left off. It turns out that disappointment extended past just Hawkeye though, and one fan decided to put in some of the other missing characters into one poster. As you can see though, the focus is still clearly on Hawkeye.

The poster was created by Reddit user The_Gay_Dalek, and featured not just one but four versions of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye behind the Avengers: Infinity War logo. It expands though to include Daredevil, Drax, and Ant-Man and features Grant Ward's portrait in the stars.

(Photo: Reddit)

Now, Drax was actually featured in the original 22 covers (alongside War Machine), but Ant-Man and Hawkeye were conspicuously missing. As for Ward and Daredevil, they are both part of Marvel's TV universe (ABC and Netflix respectively), so they were never going to be included in the first place.

You can check out the poster in the image above.

As for the original covers, those all connect to form a slick cosmic Avengers logo, and each cover features a different pairing of heroes, though a few get the solo spotlight. The covers include Scarlet Witch and Nebula, a new look Thor (with eye patch), Groot, and Rocket Raccon, Doctor Strange (solo), Hulk (solo), Star-Lord and Okoye, Vision and Shuri, Black Panther (solo), Thanos (solo, with Infinity Gauntlet), Spider-Man (solo), Mantis and Winter Soldier (with new look arm), War Machine and Drax (yay), Iron Man with snazzy new wings (solo), Black Widow (solo), Captain America (solo), and Falcon and Gamora.

You can check out all of the covers here.

Fans can still enjoy Black Panther, which is in theaters now. Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on April 27, and Ant-Man and The Wasp soars into theaters on July 6. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019, followed by Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019.