'Avengers: Infinity War' Gets A Retro Trailer

The Marvel film and television universe used to look very different, something that quickly apparent after watching this Avengers: Infinity War retro trailer.

We're not talking "oh Iron Man's suit used to be just red and gold" either. If you were a fan of Marvel through the 80s and 90s, you'll remember the heroes used to look a great deal different than what fans are used to now. Thankfully Darth Blender decided to create a retro Avengers: Infinity War style trailer to remind you of what you've been missing, and it's kind of amazing.

This Avengers team isn't led by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, instead opting for Reb Brown and Burt Reynolds. Benedict Cumberbatch does not show up here, but Peter Hooten's Doctor Strange does, as does Nicholas Hammond's Spider-Man. Of course, you can't have a retro Avengers team without a Lou Ferrigno Hulk, but things get even crazier when a David Hasselhoff Nick Fury (forgot about that tone didn't you?) shows up to help out.

But in Ronco fashion, "wait, there's more". An Eddie Murphy Falcon, Jean-Claude Van Damme Winter Solider, Chuck Norris Punisher, Leonora Ruffo Black Widow, and Eric Allan Kramer Thor all make appearances in this epic team-up, capped off by a "wait, what?" appearance by Dennis Quaid as Star-Lord. He's even accompanied by Rocket Raccoon, who is represented by the lovable Alf.

No team-up like this is complete without the Fantastic Four, and luckily the Roger Corman-directed first family also shows up, featuring Alex Hyde-White (Reed Richards), Rebecca Staab (Sue Storm), Jay Underwood (Johnny Storm), and Carl Ciarfalio as the Thing.

You can view the whole video in the clip above, and you can head to Darth Blender's YouTube page for more.


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Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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