'Avengers: Infinity War' Director Joe Russo Is Opening Up A Bar

He's one of the Marvel Studios' most decorated directors and now Joe Russo has another title he [...]

He's one of the Marvel Studios' most decorated directors and now Joe Russo has another title he can add to his already-splendid resume — restaurateur.

How did Russo go from co-helming (with his brother Anthony) fan-favorite films like Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War to being partner of Simone, one of Los Angeles' newest eating establishments?

Turns out he's always been a food fiend.

"It's always been a dream to open up a restaurant," Russo told The Hollywood Reporter. Simone is set to feature "vegetable-forward" food with a dish like shishito peppers and a harissa vinaigrette as an anchor to the menu.

And Infinity War won't be the property Russo wins an award for this year — Simone will be staffed by A-list talents in food cuisine. Jessica Largey — a Michelin-starred chef — and Scottish barman Iain McPherson are set to run the day-to-day operations of the place.

"I think it will be great to offer these special menus that have very intricate techniques and ingredients for people who want to come in and have that type of experience," Largey previously told the Los Angeles Times. "But also offer a way for [diners at Simone] to come in randomly on a Wednesday night and order one entree, and that's all they have."

Russo plans to help out with his exquisite tastes in liquor. The director's collection — which can currently be found in his home — has been built as Russo developed his palate while filming movies overseas.

His tip for a successful bar? Don't overcrowd the shelves.

"Don't try to have everything for everyone," says Russo. "Introduce people to new liquors by leaning into what you love. It creates more of a story — that's what makes the home bar distinctive, versus stocking it like a commercial bar. Find something that emotionally connects you."

When it comes to personal favorites, Russo says one of his go-to drinks is scotch.

"I visited The Blue Bar at Gleneagles [when in Edinburgh for Infinity War] — unquestionably one of the best bars in the world with one of the best views for sipping scotch," says Russo. "I also had my first taste 
of Kinclaith: a lost distillery, very limited-run scotch that, pound for pound, is one of the finest."

Simone — an art-deco inspired restaurant and bar located in the Los Angeles Art District — is set to open on September 20.