Avengers Infinity War: Shuri Reveals What Happened With Vision

Despite all of the theories about how Shuri might have changed the Vision's construct in one way or another which could permit him to have survived Thanos ripping the Soul Stone from his head or being resurrected from the death, it appears Shuri simply came up short. In a new book called The Wakanda Files, MCU-canon details of characters and events are being revealed and among the logs in the book is one from Shuri. Shuri shares details of how the Vision works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after her scientific dissection and how she was unable to accomplish the task of removing the Mind Stone.

"I conducted a full san of Vision's entire framework and anatomy, including the Mind Stone," Shuri's log in The Wakanda Files reads. "His structure was polymorphic, composed of overlapping layers of neurons out of sequence rather than reprogramming the synapses to work collectively. Despite the somewhat primitive and forceful way that he was constructed, Vision was quite elegant."

She details his abilities, giving some explanation for how the Vision functions after Avengers: Age of Ultron quickly brought the character to cinematic life. "Vision was capable of flight and levitation without use of any propulsion. I attribute that to his vibranium tissue," Shuri says. "He had extraordinary strength. Because JARVIS was the basis of his programming and thought process, his logic always appeared sound. He had the ability to conjure matter from nothing, having created a cape after observing Thor wearing one. He was also able to alter his physical appearance to look more human and to give the impression of more humanlike features, including skin tone and hair."

Shuri put in every bit of effort possible to get the Mind Stone out of the Vision before Thanos and his minions arrived in Wakanda to take it themselves but the task was nearly impossible given the circumstances. "Two trillion neurons connected the Mind Stone to Vision's processing neural network," Shuri explains. "Of course, they tasked me with removing those trillions of connections and rerouting them in the middle of a battle so that the stone could be destroyed. A task I was sadly unable to perform in time.'


As the story goes, the Vision was killed by the Mad Titan and never brought back to life despite Tony Stark resurrecting those who Thanos killed at the end of Infinity War. Unfortunately, the reversal only applied to characters killed by Thanos snapping his fingers with the Infinity Stones, not to those who died along the way to that snap.