'Avengers: Infinity War's Tom Holland Expertly Trolls A Meme About Himself

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has reached expert troll levels on his own Avengers: Infinity War [...]

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has reached expert troll levels on his own Avengers: Infinity War memes.

The young actor dropped a hilarious but probably very true comment on an Instagram meme featuring him in character as Peter Parker from the Marvel Studios ensemble flick. The meme featured a pair of screenshots of Peter looking concerned on Titan from late in the movie, being captioned, "Why does Peter Parker in Infinity War always look like he walked onto the wrong set and has no idea what's going?"

Holland's response in the comment section: "Because I had no idea what was going on." To be fair, he probably didn't have much of a clue, given the fact that the Russo Brothers handed out fake scripts and left most pages out for actors who didn't need more information.

Check out the post and comment below.

Classic Tom Holland from r/marvelstudios

Holland has been dubbed one of the worst cast members when it comes to preserving spoilers. Since becoming Spider-Man, he has slipped up on several occasions, never quite ruining a film but giving away just enough for the moments to be worth good laughs.

As it turns out, Holland was reading ComicBook.com years ago, searching for information regarding Spider-Man casting back in his auditioning days. "I never thought it could be me but I do remember hearing it for the first time," Holland said. "I was in Sudbury, in Northern Ontario in Canada, shooting a movie. As soon as I found out about it, I rang my agents and asked for an audition. Then, four months later, I was on set working with Chris Pratt!"

A long-time fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland was particularly excited for the opportunity. "I remember watching all the Marvel films leading up to Avengers, and then watching Avengers not knowing, watching the trailer of Avengers not knowing..." Hollands started. "I hadn't really grasped the fact that the films were all intertwined. I remember watching the trailer for Avengers going, 'Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What? Everyone's in the same film?' Then I went back and watched the films and realized they were referencing each other all the time. I guess I was too young to kind of figure it out and that blew my mind, the first Avengers. That is, honestly, one of my all time favorite movies."

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