Marvel Reveals Stylish Dustin Weaver Black Panther Variant Cover (Exclusive)

Ta-Nehisi Coates has taken the Black Panther character and T'Challa's mythos into some amazing new directions during his Intergalactic Empire run, and Black Panther #19 starts the march towards the arc's finale. Fans are eager to see how this adventure ends, and while we will have to wait for those answers for a while longer, we can give you a glimpse of one of the upcoming variant covers. We're giving you an exclusive first look at Dustin Weaver's stylish new variant cover to Black Panther #19, which features Black Panther surrounded by allies and enemies, and you can check out the slick new cover in the image below.

As fans who have been keeping up with the series know, the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda has started their invasion of Earth and their assault on Wakanda Prime thanks to N'Jadaka, which is certainly enough of a headache to deal with. Things get worse though evidently in Black Panther #17, which teases that the body of Eric Killmonger has fallen into his enemies' hands, and that is the last thing he needed.

In Black Panther #18 fans will finally get some long-awaited answers in regards to T'Challa's fall from royalty to becoming a slave of the empire, and then it's time for issue #19, which kicks off the last leg of this big-time arc with a bang.

(Photo: Marvel)

Black Panther #19 is written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Ryan Bodenheim and a main cover by Meghan Hetrick. You can find the official description for the book below.

The groundbreaking story of a king who became a slave - a slave who became a legend - reaches a tipping point as N'Jadaka's invasion of Earth continues! Wakanda goes to war against its own future...and its only hope lies in the king who brought them to this point."


Black Panther #19 hits comic stores on December 18th.

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