Spider-Man Villain Kraven Could Be From Wakanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

As we wait a few more days to find out what Marvel Studios has up its sleeve for Phase 4 of the [...]

As we wait a few more days to find out what Marvel Studios has up its sleeve for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many are hoping a third Spider-Man film will be announced before too long. Not just that, there's been growing support for iconic Marvel baddie Kraven the Hunter to make his live-action debut in the threequel. Because of the rising popularity of the character, one interest rumor has begun circulating online thanks to graphic artist BossLogic.

According to BossLogic, he's heard rumblings that not only will Kraven be in the MCU at one point or another, but the origins of the villain will be tweaked to turn him Wakandan. As the artist says, the thought process behind it is making the character angry because he's part of a tribe that's long been exiled from previous Wakandan royalty. Along with the rumor, he shared a quick mockup of what Luke Cage star Mustafa Shakir could look like as the classic Spidey villain.

If Far From Home director Jon Watts gets his way, Kraven would come to the MCU sooner rather than later.

"Oh, I would love Kraven. It's just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?" Watts said, though his latest film just provided the perfect set up to introduce the villain.

The writers behind Far From Home seemed to agree when asked a similar question by ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis.

"That's a tough one," McKenna told ComicBook.com. "It's also so tough because we're dealing with MCU and Sony with it all, and some office would be like, 'Well, you can't use that one.' Or what about this villain? 'Oh, well, Fox owns that villain.' But now that things have changed with Disney with Fox..."

"I've always had a soft spot for Kraven the Hunter," Sommers echoed.

It could all be a moot point, however, as Sony previously announced plans to do a standalone Kraven the Hunter film from The Equalizer writer Richard Wenk.

What would you think of the tweaks to Kraven's origins? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now in theaters while Avengers: Endgame will be available digitally on July 30th ahead of a home media release August 13th.