Black Widow Clip: Marvel Releases Intense New Pursuit Scene

Marvel's Black Widow has debuted an intense new clip, which actually shines some new light on some [...]

Marvel's Black Widow has debuted an intense new clip, which actually shines some new light on some major action sequences featured in the trailers. The new Black Widow clip features Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and her sister Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) meeting in Yelena's apartment (which we saw in several Black Widow teasers). That reunion quickly gets interrupted when Yelena's place is hit by a squad of new-generation Black Widow assassins. What results is a foot chase and shootouts out of the apartment and over a rooftop, resulting in the major stunt of Natasha and Yelena using a large chimney tower is an unorthodox escape route.

Watch the new Black Widow movie clip below!

When the first Black Widow teaser and trailer dropped, there was a lot of trailer analysis focused on the sequence of Natasha and Yelena on that falling chimney structure - especially when Natasha has to reach out and save a third person from falling. A lot of people figured the third person was Rachel Weisz's Melina Vostokoff, the mother-figure/super-spy Natasha and Yelena grew up with (or at least her stunt performer); however, this new clip makes it clear that sequence plays out in a much different way.

Turns out, the third figure in the sequence is a new Black Widow operative who is chasing down Natasha and Yelena. From a practicality standpoint, director Cate Shortland didn't need the complication of adding a third person to the chimney stunt: Nat and Yelena riding the falling structure to escape would've been cool on its own. However, it's a nice detail in that it allows Natasha to physically convey how much she has changed as a character, by risking her own safety to try and help an enemy that wants to kill her. Old school assassin/SHIELD agent Natasha probably wouldn't have bothered - but Avengers Natasha? She's a true hero.

Of course, the shot of that Black Widow assassin slipping from Natasha's grasp and falling to her death is surely going to scar a lot of Marvel fans. After all, we last saw Nat falling to her own death in much the same way, during Avengers: Endgame. It feels like Kevin Feige and co. are just messing with us, at this point.

Expect Marvel Studios to keep hitting us with these kinds of trailers, tv spots, and clips in the weeks leading up to Black Widow's release in theaters. It's hard to see the footage above and not think it deserves big-screen viewing - as opposed to watching Black Widow at home on release day. Indeed, Disney, Marvel, and IMAX have been touting the benefits of seeing Black Widow theatrically in the marketing, and with clips like these, they're certainly making a compelling case for it...

Marvel's Black Widow will be in theaters on July 9th. It will also be available to watch on Disney+ Premium Access (for $29.99) on release day. Tickets are now on sale.