Bryan Singer Pitched Fox On A Female Wolverine To Follow Hugh Jackman


With Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws after the next Wolverine movie, there has been some speculation about Fox will do with the iconic X-Man and his film franchise. Turns out Bryan Singer already has some ideas.

Singer tells fandango that he pitched the studio on replacing Jackman with the new female Wolverine, Laura Kinney, previously known as X-23.

"I have discussed that with the studio," Singer told Fandango. "I actually initially pitched the X-Force and the female."

Whether those two concepts were pitched together or separately isn’t clear.

Laura Kinney was originally created for the X-Men: Evolution animated series. She made her comics debut in the series NYX in 2004. Since then she has been a member of the X-Men and X-Force. Most recently she took over Logan’s mantle as Wolverine after her mentor died and has been traveling with the time-displaced original X-Men in the pages of All-New X-Men.

Singer also confirmed that work has begun on the X-Force movie, but cautions that all of this is still just in the idea phase, saying "Simon [Kinberg] is in the earliest script stage, so that’s kind of where that stands, and we’ll see how it evolves.”

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