Captain America Star Chris Evans Picks A Side In The Princess Bride Remake Debate

There are some movies that beg to be remade now that modern technology has changed so much since [...]

There are some movies that beg to be remade now that modern technology has changed so much since they were originally created. That said, there are several movies that should probably be left well enough alone unless you have something completely new to bring to the table regarding the property. That's definitely the case with the classic film The Princess Bride, which recently popped up in conversation after an interview with Norman Lear revealed some "very famous people" have asked him about redoing the film. That quote got things moving on social media in a big way, with many voicing their opinions on whether that film should be remade or not, even bringing Marvel's Captain AmericaChris Evans into the mix.

Evans weighed in after seeing a tweet and response from Princess Bride actor Cary Elwes lend his voice to the proceedings. Elwes, who played Westley (aka the Dread Pirate Roberts) in the film, shared the original article and added "There's a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one."

Chris Evans couldn't have agreed more, sharing his quote and saying "Wow. Perfect tweet." It's safe to say he is in full agreement with Elwes, both that the film is a perfect movie and that it doesn't need to be remade.

He's not the only one who feels this way in the least, as many have taken to social media to voice their concerns with just redoing the film. This all started from a quote from a feature on Lear in Variety. In that article, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra was talking about how popular Lear's catalog has become, including one particular request to work on The Princess Bride.

You can check out the quote in full below.

"We have so many people coming to us saying, 'We want to remake this show or that show,'" Vinciquerra said. "Very famous people whose names I won't use, but they want to redo 'The Princess Bride.' Some people want to do animated versions of some of the sitcoms. Not a month goes by when we don't have an idea coming from some very big name wanting to do things with Norman."

It remains to be seen if it will actually happen, but many are not thrilled with the idea. That said, there are plenty of unique angles to take with the world the film presents, so exploring those would be rather interesting, but just a retelling of a perfect story doesn't seem to be going over well with fans.

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