'Captain Marvel' Box Office Now Tracking For Monstrous $160 Million Opening

If early tracking is any indication, Marvel Studios is about to have another box office hit on [...]

If early tracking is any indication, Marvel Studios is about to have another box office hit on their hands. According to BoxOffice.com, Captain Marvel is now tracking to open somewhere north of $160 million, a 14% growth over the previously-discussed $140 million.

Should the Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck directed movie haul in $160 million in its opening weekend, that'd be the seventh-highest opening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At $160m, Captain Marvel would be the second-highest solo hero movie for Marvel Studios, only behind the Oscar-nominated Black Panther, which made a whopping $202 million in its opening weekend.

BoxOffice.com is also projecting the Brie Larson-starring film will gross upwards of $440 million over the course of its domestic box office run. That'd place Captain Marvel fifth on the list of highest-grossing domestic films in the MCU, behind Black Panther and all three Avengers movies.

As Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige previously mentioned, Captain Marvel will introduce Carol Danvers (Larson), a character who will likely end up being the most powerful character in the shared entertainment universe. Jonathan Schwartz, an executive producer on the film, confirmed as much on a visit to the set of the movie last year.

"Yes. By The end of this movie we'll have seen the full run of power's out of Carol," Schwartz told ComicBook.com. "So that's flight and strength and photon blasts. You know I think part of what made us excited about the character was that she was such a powerful character in the comic books and one of the most if not the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seeing all that brought to bear is one of the big pleasures of the movie."

"Yes. For sure. And also one of the things we love from the comics was that mohawk look that pops up in that run a little bit," Schwartz added.

How much money do you think Captain Marvel will bring in during its opening weekend? If that magic number is $160m, would you take the over or under? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Captain Marvel open March 8th. Other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies set for release this year include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.


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