Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Sends Love to the Couple Who Got Engaged in Front of Her

There are a bunch of happy fans at ACE Comic Con this weekend in Chicago. But, two fans are probably a little more ecstatic than the others, and Brie Larson is a huge reason why. The Captain Marvel actress had a front-row seat for a proposal and the pictures are nothing short of amazing. Larson’s face tells the entire story as it was a complete surprise to both her and the person on the receiving end of the gesture. Now, after a successful popping of the question, the Marvel star took a second to congratulate the new couple on their engagement. Social media was absolutely loving this story as many accounts picked up the pictures.

In the first one, Larson is looking at the camera like can you believe it. The next one sees her looking at the fan in a Captain Marvel hoodie like I can’t believe this is happening. After the question is posed, she looks at the other half of this couple, who is understandably shocked by the entire gesture. As they kiss in front of her, Larson is just jazzed in the background. After the story started to circulate the star hopped on Twitter to offer her congratulations. Now, Larson doesn’t post on social media very often. The last two biggest examples would have to be her reacting to Kevin Feige getting a production role on a future Star Wars project and an amazing dance at a high school themed around the Avengers.

All the news out of the convention wasn’t centered around this love story though. Tessa Thompson and Larson had a very good time during their Q&A session. One of the biggest topics that came up over the course of their time on stage was talking about a possible all-women Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Thompson was the one to get things started with her comments this weekend.

"I know what I want," Thompson began. "No, listen, this is not just because Valkyrie would like to hang out with some of the beautiful, strong, intelligent, fantastic women of the MCU. She would, platonically in a team-building way. So, I want to work together as a team, us women, doing things in a film or two."

Larson picked up that thread to explain how key fan support for the film would actually be towards making an A-Force film a reality. As she alluded to, decision-makers and fans are listening.


"I think that is what we want, we want to see females working together, ideally in their own film and we really have been saying this a lot but the more that people talk about it and say they are behind that and are interested in that the higher likelihood it is that that could happen," Larson explained. "People are listening. They're watching."

The Captain Marvel actress also told Variety that the prospect of an A-Force piqued some interests over at Marvel Studios: "I will say that a lot of the female cast members from Marvel walked up to Kevin and we were like, ‘We are in this together, we want to do this,'” Larson explained. “What that means, I have no idea. You know, I’m not in charge of the future of Marvel, but it is something that we’re really passionate about and we love and I feel like if enough people out in the world talk about how much they want it, maybe it’ll happen."