'Captain Marvel' Fan Theory Says Carol Sent Back In Time By Thanos' Snap

Many fans are still trying to figure out several mysterious aspects of Marvel Studios' upcoming [...]

Many fans are still trying to figure out several mysterious aspects of Marvel Studios' upcoming Captain Marvel, and one fan is saying he has it worked out.

Twitter user @JoepRijsman stumbled upon a theory from Joshua Munn came up with, and while it is definitely complicated...it's actually pretty compelling. There are a lot of moving parts, but much of it is predicated on Thanos' actions in Endgame, and if true Marvel is pulling a big swerve on us having to do with Carol's memories.

"Carol's memories are supposed to be from the future, not the past," Munn writes. "Marvel is marketing the film as a simple origin film with her memories appearing to appear from the past, but Carol and her friend from the recent trailer, the other pilot, were actually victims of the snap, but instead of dusting, Carol and Talon (Ben Mendelsohn's Skrull character) are actually sent back to the '90s, but Carol doesn't remember. Fury, Coulson, and her try to figure this all out and her past, and it's revealed by Talon that Carol was sent back in time through the snap so she's not remembering the 70s-80s she's remembering the 90's all the way until she got dusted."

So the theory has the decimation affecting Carol, but not in the way you would expect. Instead of fading away she is sent back in time along with Talos. Talos doesn't seem to be struggling with the memory issues she is, so he has been working on initiating the Kree Skrull war while she's preoccupied. He's also trying to get ahold of the Tesseract before Thanos does, but Carol stops that ambition.

"Talon's plan was to cause the Kree-Skrull war and semi-Secret Invasion to get the cosmic cube/Tesseract before Thanos does to prevent the snap 25 years before it ever happens. But Carol kills him and Jude Law's character (Mar-Vell/Yon Rogg) and prevents them from getting the Tesseract," Munn writes.

The further this theory goes, the more we see that this is all part of the path Doctor Strange saw in his visions, and that's the reason why she leaves Earth so that she avoids the decimation and can put the plan in place to ultimately defeat Thanos. That's why Fury waits to call on her until he starts fading away, and that's also the reason why he isn't so shocked when it happens but is more rushed to get the job of paging her completed.

"Carol and Fury find out that Carol is actually a little girl during the '90s and she leaves Earth because she would be jeopardizing her own existence and Dr. Strange's plan to have them win which he tells Ancient One (he also goes back in time to make sure he becomes Dr. Strange by causing his car accident) and Carol gives Fury the pager telling him to call her only when Thanos does the snap, not sooner. Ancient One appears in the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel telling Nick Fury that Carol was telling the truth about Thanos and the snap but if he deviates from her and Strange's plan they can't defeat Thanos. She then gives him a folder called the Avengers Initiative featuring pictures of Tony, Bruce Cap, and Thor," Munn writes.

Now, this is just a theory, but even if parts of this make it into the movie, that would certainly explain part of the reason why the trailers have been slow to reveal new footage and new information. It would also explain why Fury is always one step ahead of the other heroes since he knows the overall gameplan.

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Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th.