'Captain Marvel' Figure Confirms Binary Form

It seems several big aspects of Carol's origin will make it into Captain Marvel, and from a new [...]

It seems several big aspects of Carol's origin will make it into Captain Marvel, and from a new figure, we now know one of those will be her Binary form.

Marvel revealed two new exclusive figures from Target and Walmart as part of their Legends line, and both will be part of the Captain Marvel series that releases next year. One figure in particular though reveals that the form we saw towards the end of the first trailer was indeed her Binary form, and it seems Marvel is calling it that too.

The figure is listed as the Marvel Legends 6-inch Binary Form Figure (exclusive to Walmart) and features a powered-up design and accessories. Captain Marvel's hair, eyes, hands, and arms are all aglow, and it comes with two special effects for her hands and a swappable head that has a glowing mohawk. We assumed that the powered-up moment in the trailer was her going Binary, but the fact that Marvel is actually calling the form that is a pleasant surprise.

(Photo: Marvel)

For those unfamiliar with Carol's Binary form, there was a period of time where she lost her powers, but that would change when she was abducted by The Brood. The Brood wanted to utilize her half-Kree genetic structure for their own gains, and through their experiments, they ended up unlocking immense power. To give you some insight, her power was compared to a binary star system, which inspired her new codename.

In the comics, her skin was turned red in this form and her hair was made entirely of energy. Now it seems the red skin won't be used in the film, but as we can see from her hair and arms the energy part of the design is still intact.

(Photo: Marvel)

As for the other figure, that will be a Target exclusive and is listed as the Marvel Legends 6-Inch Captain Marvel Starforce figure. It features Danvers in her Kree uniform and comes with a blaster, scarf, and other accessories. Included in those are two swappable heads. The first is a Carol Danvers head while the other is a Minn-Erva head, so you get two characters with one figure.

Both figures will retail for $19.99 and hit stores in January of 2019. You can see both figures in the images above.

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Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.