Captain Marvel Fan Creates Amazing Last Avenger Statue

In the past few years, Carol Danvers has become a bit of a household name among Marvel Comics [...]

In the past few years, Carol Danvers has become a bit of a household name among Marvel Comics fans, thanks to epic stories being told about her in comics, movies, and beyond. One of the most buzzworthy of those tales was "The Last Avenger", an arc that saw Carol's role as Captain Marvel take a bit of a dark turn. The arc was complete with a pretty epic new costume for Carol, which has already inspired fanart and even an official Funko POP!. Thanks to one fan, we now know what that costume would look like as a 3D statue. Rodrigo RPR recently shared a 3D rendering of the "Last Avenger" costume on their ArtStation account, which has quickly gone viral among fans, and has even earned praise from the arc's co-creators, Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett.

"Hi guys, this is my last project carved in the advanced course of Zbrush Alvaro Ribeiro," Rodrigo writes on ArtStation. "The project was completely prepared to become a collectible, and is available for business with statue companies - commissions. Note: The plugs can be customized in the miss marvel star format or square (Normal) Hope you like it!"

While Carol has since shed the "Last Avenger" costume, the impact of that arc - both aesthetically and narratively - has definitely stuck with Marvel fans. As Thompson told in an interview last year, those ramifications were definitely intention, and helped fans look at Carol in a whole new way.

"Carol is an incredibly powerful character and you can really push her to the furthest edge and you sort of need to in order to keep things interesting, and that's what we're trying to do with The Last Avenger," Thompson said. "I think it's going to be a terrific Carol story that really highlights her strengths as a character – and maybe some weaknesses as well. Issue 12 is unlike any script I've written for Marvel before and unlike any Carol story I've ever read. It's a little risky but I'm excited. I hope people love it."

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