‘Captain Marvel’ May Drop a Trailer Wednesday and Fans Are Losing It

Marvel fans, it is time to brace yourselves. The rumor mill is in full swing, and it seems like Captain Marvel is the latest feature to take a ride through the machine thanks to CineEurope.

For those unaware, this week marks the start of a premiere European film festival known as CineEurope. The yearly event brings together studios from around the globe to share their slates, and Warner Bros. Pictures did just that today. After all, a surprise Aquaman trailer dropped at the event, and rumor has it that Captain Marvel could be next.

To give some back story, the rumor has a rather complicated origin. It all began with a fan-account on Instagram known as Wendy Uncharted posted a short story. The image teased a possible teaser trailer for Captain Marvel was on its way, and that was that. However, the overlooked post hit it big when CineEurope got a hold of it.

captain marvel
(Photo: Instagram)

Not long ago, the Instagram from CineEurope posted a story of its own, and it copied the teaser posted by Wendy Uncharted. The conference did not give any context to the repost, but fans began buzzing over the act. It could be that CineEurope does have footage in store for Captain Marvel, and they are using this fan-made post to give netizens a heads up about it.

Of course, fans were quick to freak out about the rumored teaser online. As you can see above, MCU die-hards are more than ready to get a first-look at Captain Marvel, but their expectations should be cooled. Disney's presentation is set for Wednesday, so that is when the alleged trailer be shown if at all. And, if it is, it is very unlikely that it'll go online.

As for a leak... Well, Aquaman's trailer has not found its way online. It seems terribly unlikely Captain Marvel will buck that trend.

For now, fans will have to wait and see whether the rumored teaser does go live. If it does, then there is hope Marvel Studios may release the trailer at San Diego Comic Con this July despite a downsized presence at the event. There's also a chance the teaser may be attached to Ant-Man and the Wasp before the MCU sequel hits theaters on July 6, so it is time fans kept a close eye on what Captain Marvel is getting up to.


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