Cloak & Dagger Actors Open Up on Runaways Crossover

In case you missed the news on Friday, in the wake of a new episode of The Mandalorian and the release of Michael Bay's 6 Underground, the third and final season of Marvel's Runaways arrived on Hulu. The story of the super-powered Los Angeles teenagers was brought to an end with this installment, but not before delivering on one thing that fans had been begging for: A crossover with Cloak & Dagger. The Freeform Marvel series was cancelled this year after a cliffhanger ending to Season 2, but one last opportunity to see Tandy and Tyrone in action arrived with the new season of Runaways.

Ahead of the premiere of Season 3 last week, Cloak & Dagger stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph spoke with Collider about the Runaways crossover, breaking down the differences between the two shows and how they found out the crossover would be happening.

"Well, if you know even a little bit about Marvel, then you know that I wasn't told very much about the crossover episode," Holt said. "But I was told, a couple months ago, that we were gonna try and make this happen, and we were gonna try to bring this story to life and to bring all of these characters together, and I was so excited. Both Aubrey and I were really thrilled about working with the Runaways cast. We had been talking about this for ages now, and the fact that we finally did it, we're really proud of it and I think everyone is gonna be really thrilled with how it's turned out. It was very exciting and a really good experience, for all of us."

For Holt and Joseph, the biggest difference between the two shows actually wasn't the content, but rather the sheer number of people on the Runaways set. The cast of Cloak & Dagger was relatively small. That wasn't the case for Runaways.

"I've truly never, ever, in my entire career, have experienced something like this," said Holt. "I believe they have 15 series regulars, and it's hilarious because, on our show, there are five, and most of the time, it's just Aubrey and I in scenes. So, there's two of us, and we would onto this stage and were at least 17 people. It was a lot of people, but they're all so used to it, so they made it really easy and comfortable for us to just step right in. Both Aubrey and I felt really grateful that they did that. On top of that, everyone was just really kind and really professional and awesome to work with. The kicker was definitely not being familiar with working with 16 other people, in one room. That was definitely a challenge, in itself, but a good one, to say the least."

"It was more people to meet and get to know, and it went beyond the actors who are playing the kids," added Joseph. "The actors who play the parents were so sweet and so welcoming to us. Everybody was really welcoming to us. It was a lot of fun, and way more fun than I expected, honestly."

This crossover is one that fans have been asking for since the two shows premiered, so it's a bit disappointing that it didn't get to last all that long. Cloak & Dagger was cancelled after its second season on Freeform, while Marvel brought Runaways to an end following this third season. Neither one of them will have an opportunity to tell any more story after this, so the crossover potential is certainly done.


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