Conan O'Brien Gets A Custom Superhero Costume

On Thursday's episode of Conan, the show's host, Conan O'Brien, visited Ironhead Studio, a California-based effects firm that specializes in making superhero costumes for big-budget films. Most recently, they worked on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: Civil War.

While standing in front of a case displaying the studio's superhero creations, Conan meets and chats with its owner/founder, Jose Fernandez. There, he tries on Thor's helmet, daydreams about how stunning Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot is, and points out the glaring flaw of Batman's mech-suit helmet.

They then take a look at a shelf that has head molds placed on it of some of the famous celebrities that have been costumed by the studio, such as (from right to left) Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Michael Fassbender. There's one of Hugh Jackman, too, but Conan is quick to mention how funny it is that his head cast is off in the corner, resting on an old stereo.

Being his childish self, Conan peels away a piece of paper covering the nether region of a Battleship' alien maquette, revealing an uncircumcised penis.

When Conan gets a close-up look at the Wonder Woman costume, he has some fun putting Matt Damon and Ian McKellan's head molds on the sculpture of Gadot's body.


Once the tour is out of the way, Conan meets with some of the other artists at the studio, so that they can create a superhero costume that will enhance his small calves, flat butt, and less-than-ideal crotch. After getting his body scanned and a costume molded, Conan appears on stage, unveiling his super-suit.

Conan airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS.