'The Daily Show' Compares Donald Trump to 'Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot

Donald Trump is just a racist Groot. Full piece: https://t.co/KZWIbyLCR1 [...]

This may upset Marvel who adore Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but recently The Daily Show host Trevor Noah did a bit in which he compared the lovable tree-like alien to the controversial POTUS.

You can watch the partial clip above and the full segment HERE, but to sum it all up in less controversial fashion: Noah is basically seizing on the recent controversy over Trump's alleged words on immigration to echo the sentiment that the president is showing racial biased in his policy making. In fact, Noah goes so far as to suggest with his comparison that Trump is as myopic in his prejudice as Groot is monosyllabic with his words. There's added mention of Rocket Raccoon being like Trump's Republican Party colleagues, forced to translate Groot's proclamations into discern words (or policy).

Again, there are going to be a lot of Marvel fans who are like, "Why you gotta bring Groot into this?" Which is, admittedly, a fair question. Groot has been nothing noble and compassionate and noble; not quite the same words you typically hear associated with Trump. At the same time, it's definitely a funny little bit, with the Rocket reference being a nice little cherry on top.

Ironically enough, as these Guardians characters are being compared to Trump, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has just thrown a social media jab at the president, offering a hefty charity donation if Trump steps on a scale to prove he weighs the amount alleged in his recent official physical exam.

Marvel and politics continue to mix in the strangest of ways...

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