Charlie Cox Reveals His Favorite 'Daredevil' Comics

Netflix's Marvel TV series stand apart from other corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they regularly embrace darker subject matter to deliver audiences more mature tales. To motivate his performance, star of Marvel's Daredevil doesn't stick exclusively to the more adult-oriented portrayals of the character, but refers to countless iconic runs of the series to help him bring Matt Murdock to life.

"I think the (Brian Michael) Bendis (and Alex) Maleev stuff is the hardest to beat, tonally, when it comes to this show," Cox confirmed at Las Vegas Comic Con. "There's been a number of really great runs that I've enjoyed immensely that I've used. I often go back to the (Ed) Brubaker (and Michael) Lark stuff, I thought that was really, really fun, and the colors in that are great and the storyline's fantastic. Obviously, I mention 'Guardian Devil' and, of course, Joe Quesada is very closely affiliated with the show, so that's really helpful, to have him as a resource. And also, I'd be remiss to not mention Frank Miller, ya know? 'Born Again' is just so special."

A third season of the series is slated to debut later this year and, out of all of his influences, Cox noted which creators' work he turns to year after year.

"At the beginning of every season, when I'm getting ready to start shooting and I wanna just dip back in and just re-read some of my favorite stuff, it tends to be the Bendis/Maleev stuff," Cox confessed.

The last time audiences saw Daredevil was in the conclusion of Marvel's The Defenders in which a bruised and battered hero found himself on the footsteps of a church seeking help. The sequence was a direct tribute to Miller's "Born Again" storyline, though it's unclear if the upcoming season will feature more of that storyline.

"I can say that visually that shot at the end of Daredevil's story was definitely an homage, as were a couple of other scenes, to the comics," Defenders showrunner Marco Ramirez explained to Entertainment Weekly. "That's one of my favorite Daredevil images, so regardless of who any of the characters are, I went to the production meeting saying this is the image we're going for, we're going to feel like this, and that came from that image that I purposely borrowed from the comics."

Stay tuned for details about Season Three of Marvel's Daredevil.


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