Charlie Cox's First Call After Spider-Man: No Way Home Casting Was to Best Friend Tom Hiddleston

Stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to keep a tight lid on their involvement in any project, so when it came to Charlie Cox realizing he would get to reprise his role of Matt Murdock for a scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the only other person he could confide in was fellow MCU star Tom Hiddleston. Cox also revealed that the Loki actor offered him a bit of advice, which wasn't related to anything regarding his performance, but encouraged him to sneak into a screening of the film to see the explosive reaction from audiences when they saw Murdock interact with Spider-Man. caught up with Cox in support of his TV series Kin.

"One of my first phone calls, when I found out I was coming back, even though I was trying not to tell anyone, I was living in fear for two years of it being leaked, it was this big surprise." Cox explained of his cameo. "When I was on the set I was wearing the thing everywhere, blah, blah. One of my first phone calls, and I knew I could tell him because I also knew he knew, was Tom Hiddleston, he's one of my best friends."

Cox continued, "He said to me, and he was shooting Loki at the time, so he'd spoken to those guys, and he knew, and they knew we were friends, and all that stuff, so he knew about it. I spoke to him, and he said to me, 'Whatever you do, when the film comes out, you've got to sneak into the back of a theater, because it will go crazy.' And I remember thinking, 'No it won't.' It'll be nice to be there, but I think he's thinking what it would be like for Loki to appear in that moment, where the Loki fan base is unlike anything I've ever seen in my life."

Hiddleston wasn't the only one who knew how excited fans would be for the moment, as Cox recalled the filmmakers crafting the sequence in a specifically timed way to allow audiences to realize what they were seeing before fully moving forward with the scene's dialogue.

"I didn't really believe it. When we were shooting the scene the creative decision was made, they were going to build in a moment for the fans to react before any lines were said," the actor recalled. "We had this shot with the cane, and then the camera comes around before I say anything. I remember them talking about it on set, and I'm like, 'I hope it's worth it, this is dead silent.' Anyway, the movie's coming out, and obviously, I'm not at the premiere, because I'm a secret, all this stuff. But I have friends at the premiere who text me and called me, and they were like, 'Oh, my God, it was a huge reaction.'"

This now leaves the door open for fans to wonder when we'll get more Daredevil in the MCU.

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