Daredevil Showrunner Erik Oleson Buys Final Fight Costume

The first day of Marvel's Defenders prop auction is officially complete and bidders were seeing red all over. The first day was completely full of props from Daredevil and several of the pieces went to big names. Earlier in the afternoon, initial Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight purchased the full red and black suit. Then, towards the end of the day, Erik Oleson slid in and purchased the suit worn by Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in his final fight against Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'onofrio).

As Oleson says, the suit went for a modest $7,750 — it was expected to finish between $8,000 - $10,000. It's also much more affordable than DeKnight's purchase earlier in the day, which cost a whopping $55,000 for the complete suit.

Shortly after Oleson's season of Daredevil debuted last October, the showrunner spoke with ComicBook.com about a potential storyline for the third season — that was, of course, before Netflix ultimately pulled the plug on the program.

"Hell yes. I had the time of my life, man. I had so much fun," Oleson told us. "If you talk to anybody in the cast and crew, or involved in the production, Season 3 was a very pleasant experience for all of us. And we're all very proud of the teamwork that made the final product possible. So yeah, I'm hopeful that I'll get to do it again."

As for a retrospective on his outing as showrunner, the writer wanted to take the Man Without Fear back to his roots.

"I very much wanted to make it emotionally honest and grounded," Oleson said. "Because just to me, that's the best kind of television right now, and we are coexisting in a landscape where there are a lot of really amazing writers doing really, really deep and thoughtful and great work. And I wanted Daredevil Season 3 to be counted as a peer among them."


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All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.