'Deadpool 2' Debuts to Stellar Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Four days ahead of the film's official release in theaters, the review embargo has finally lifted [...]

Four days ahead of the film's official release in theaters, the review embargo has finally lifted Fox's R-rated Marvel sequel, Deadpool 2.

At the time of writing this article, 22 reviews had been counted on Rotten Tomatoes, and only two of them were negative, leaving Deadpool 2 with a stellar Tomatometer score of 90%. The score will likely continue to fluctuate throughout the week as more reviews are counted, but it's probably going to stick around this level, somewhere between 80-95. In other words, it looks like Deadpool 2 is another hit.

Rotten Tomatoes teased that the official Tomatometer reveal would be coming tonight sometime after the review embargo was lifted at 8pm PT.

The lifting of this review embargo accompanies the red carpet premiere of Deadpool 2, which took place in New York City, NY. All of the film's stars and creators, along with other celebrities and members of the press were in attendance.

Deadpool became a national phenomenon after the first Ryan Reynolds film broke records upon its release. At the time, back in 2016, Deadpool shattered the record for the highest ever box office opening for a movie in February, hauling in more than $132 million in its opening weekend. That record held for two years, only to be broken a few months ago by Black Panther's monumental $202 million take.

The original Deadpool film does still hold the record for the biggest opening weekend by an R-rated movie, and is the second-highest grossing R-rated film of all time in the U.S., behind only The Passion of the Christ.

While that R-rated record held strong against the Stephen King adaptation It last summer, it definitely looks like it will be broken when Deadpool 2 hits theaters this weekend. The most recent tracking numbers have the sequel on pace to make between $125-$150 million over its first three days. It stands a solid chance at toppling its predecessor.

Are you happy with how the Rotten Tomatoes score shook out for Deadpool 2? Will the sequel break the records set by the original? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!

Deadpool 2, directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz, is set to hit theaters this Friday, May 18.