'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Makes Paul McCartney's Dream Come True

It goes without saying that Ryan Reynolds has long benefitted from his career as a successful actor, but his role in the Deadpool franchise catapulted him to the A List.

Now he's at that point where the people that might have been his idols are dying to meet him — according to Ryan Reynolds, of course. The actor posted a photo of him meeting with the iconic Paul McCartney, though the former Beatle might take umbrage with the caption Reynolds used.

Reynolds is riding high after the success of Deadpool 2, maybe he can convince Sir Paul to join him for the inevitable Deadpool 3, or perhaps even X-Force.

Deadpool 2 was already packed with superstar talent, including Matt Damon and Brad Pitt in quick cameo roles. Co-writer Rhett Reese spoke on the commentary track for the home video release, revealing how they were able to snag Damon for his role as a hick talking about wiping his ass alongside Alan Tudyk.

"So then we thought, 'well, what caliber actor would we need to do a scene where two rednecks talk about wiping themselves after spending some time on the toilet?'" Reese said. "Of course, you have to have somebody Oscar-caliber doing that kind of bit. Matt was very receptive so Ryan ended up sending him the pages. Matt called him back and said, 'I'm in.'"

When it came to securing Pitt's commitment, the actor did it for little more than a cup of Starbucks.

"I was told all he wants is a cup of coffee and I said, 'Like a franchise or just one individual cup of coffee?' And I was told one individual cup of coffee, which was really his way of saying, 'I'm doing it for nothing.' And it was a total solid and the nicest thing anyone could do," Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight.

"I just loved it, because what's more irresponsible than taking one of the biggest movie stars in the world and giving him a role that is utterly wordless and invisible with an exception of three frames of film?" Reynolds added. "Yeah, that's kind of amazing."


Hopefully he can sweeten the deal for McCartney to get him to do something extremely ridiculous. Hey, anything's better than Pirates of the Caribbean.

Deadpool 2 is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD.