'Deadpool 2': Peter Annoys Wade in New TV Spot

Deadpool's new pal Peter just keeps getting better and better, doesn't he?

As the final trailer for Deadpool 2 revealed, Wade Wilson's new team of mutants, aptly named the X-Force, has one member among its ranks that isn't special in the slightest. Peter, played by comedian Rob Delaney, has no super powers to speak of. None at all. He's just some guy that responded to Deadpool's ad for hired help, and he was welcomed into the team with open arms.

Unfortunately, a new TV spot reveals that Deadpool might already be getting sick of his new teammate.

After showing off various members of the X-Force, and all of their exceptional powers, the camera turns its attention to Peter, who's doing something so normal that it seems incredibly out of place in this movie: He puts on sunscreen.

While everyone else is preparing for a battle against Cable, Peter is making sure to protect himself from the most dastardly villain of all. Of course, he's talking about the skin disease, melanoma.

"I don't know much about this Cable fella, but I guarantee he hasn't killed as many people as melanoma has," Peter says on the plane while the team flies toward the fight with Cable.

Deadpool has clearly had enough, as he turns and exclaims, "Paul, zip it!" He's gotten so aggravated at this point that he's already forgotten his name.

Peter has become quite the phenomenon with fans of the Deadpool franchise. In addition to his hilarious jokes in the trailers and TV spots, Peter has joined in on Deadpool's viral marketing game. The character has his own Twitter account that shares his thoughts on his various X-Force teammates, and reveals that he's an avid bee keeper.

You can check out Peter's spot-on melanoma debate with Deadpool in the video above!

How do you feel about Peter's role in Deadpool 2? Is this guy a little too over the top? Let us know what you think by dropping a line in the comment section below!


Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18th. The film will be followed by Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens just a week later on May 25th.