Deadpool Monopoly Should Be Interesting


There have been many, many special editions of Monopoly, but none have been quite as special as the new Deadpool version. You can order it on Amazon right now for $19.99, and it should be a super fun addition to your game cabinet. Monopoly has a reputation, but I find it hard to believe that any game with taco and unicorn tokens could end in a family fistfight - though it could end in a pillow fight while wearing footie pajamas. Here's how the game works:

In Monopoly: Deadpool Edition players attempt to assemble a crack team of mercs by purchasing the contracts of an assortment of colorful characters that include Deadpools from alternate universes and Deadpool in a maid outfit. Apparently, the player that hires the most mercs and buys the most sweet rides (like a chimichanga truck) will end up earning the most counterfeit Deadpool money - which, incidentally, is the only form of currency the real Deadpool recognizes.

You can buy, sell, and swap mercenaries and sweet rides or even steal your opponent's stuff in Cheap Shot and Low Blow Spaces. You can also build headquarters and D-Mansions to charge more rent, and play the game with your choice of Deadpool logo, an 'okay' hand, a Deadpool bomb, a unicorn, a taco, and a chef's hat tokens. Overall, Deadpool Monopoly includes 6 tokens, 26 Contract cards, 16 Dumb Luck cards, 16 Pouches cards, 32 Headquarters, 12 D-Mansions, 2 dice, money pack, and game guide.


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