Ryan Reynolds Reveals Which 'Deadpool' Character Deserves A Spinoff

Deadpool 2 introduced audiences to a variety of the Merc with a Mouth's allies, with the character [...]

Deadpool 2 introduced audiences to a variety of the Merc with a Mouth's allies, with the character who demonstrated absolutely no superpowers, Peter, often stealing the spotlight from other members of the X-Force. According to star Ryan Reynolds, he'd love to see Peter get his own spin-off film.

"I would love to see a Peter spin-off movie, ASAP. I love Peter," Reynolds shared with BBC Radio 1. "That's probably one of my favorite characters from the new film. We call it, 'Absolutely Peter.' 'Deadpool 3: Absolutely Peter.'

Peter, played by Rob Delaney, did little more than show up to the X-Force auditions and, while he didn't have the powers of luck like Domino nor could spit acidic vomit like Zeitgeist, had little to offer the team other than enthusiasm. The character's time with the superteam may have been brief, but he left a mark on audiences and Reynolds himself.

Reynolds might be excited to see Peter in another film, it likely won't be in anything called "Deadpool 3." Recent comments from the actor seem to confirm that the solo Deadpool outings are done for the foreseeable future and will shift into the X-Force franchise.

"For Deadpool 3, you know, it's an odd thing to say but I don't think there will be a Deadpool 3," Reynolds shared with Starnews Korea. "I think going forward it would be an X-Force movie, which would be his team so to speak."

These comments echo what he shared earlier this month toEntertainment Weekly.

"I don't know that there would be a Deadpool 3. I really don't," Reynolds said. "I feel like the character, in order for him to function properly within his own universe, you need to take everything away from him. I don't think that you can keep doing that. I do see him as being a part of X-Force, obviously. I would love to see him in a team-up sort of thing, like a mano a mano or a great female character from the X-Men universe. I just think if you're going to do another Deadpool solo film, you've got to really, like, get that budget down to nothing and just swing for the fences, and break all kinds of weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do."

Whether or not Peter will appear in an X-Force film is yet to be seen, though his popularity with audiences and Deadpool himself seem to confirm the character won't be gone for good.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now.

Which member of the X-Force would you like to see get their own spinoff? Let us know in the comments below!

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