Marvel Claims First Casualties in 'Death of the Inhumans'

Most comic events that tease the mass death and destruction of major characters usually fall short of their bloody expectations, somehow always finding a way to save the heroes at the end of the story. Marvel's Death of the Inhumans is not like these others, delivering a couple of major blows in the very first issue.

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for Death of the Inhumans #1! Continue reading at your own risk...

The new series, written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ariel Olivetti, tells the story of Black Bolt and the Inhumans, who are being hunted by the Kree that created them. The Kree Empire has created a new, evolved version of an Inhuman, meant to kill all of the others that came before it.

Black Bolt is ordered to join the Kree, or die, it's that simple. This ultimatum is what causes the deaths of thousands of Inhumans in the first issue, including some notable faces that already have fans tearing up.

First on the chopping block are four of the five queens of the Inhumans, Oola Udonta, Aladi Ko Eke, Onomi Whitemane, and Goddess Ovoe. The four voted to join the Kree, but they were slaughtered by the evolved assassin, known as Vox.

The book quickly claimed another notable victim, as one of the dead Inhumans was wired with an explosive. Most of Black Bolt's group made it out alive, thanks to Lockjaw, but Triton was not so lucky. He was killed in the explosion.

It wasn't until the final pages that the two most devastating deaths came.

death of the inhumans lockjaw maximus
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Both Lockjaw, the beloved Inhuman dog, and Maximus, Black Bolt's brother, stood up to Vox and attempted to stop him on their own. Things didn't go so well, and Vox fired an enormous blast, ripping a hole in both of them. Maximus and Lockjaw are, for now, dead and gone.

With all of the blood spilled in this first issue, Death of the Inhumans will likely claim quite a few more lives before all is said and done. Sadly, it looks like Lockjaw and Maximus are only the beginning.

Did you see these tragic deaths coming? Who will be next? Let us know your best predictions in the comments below!


Death of the Inhumans #1, from Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti, is on sale now online and at your local comic book shop.