Did Dan Harmon Potentially Tease A Major Doctor Strange Battle?

ds dormammu

When it comes to Doctor Strange, the film's villain remains as mysterious as its hero's own mystical powers. The film is set to release in just a few months, but fans are still wildly speculating which of Stephen Strange's foes is being tapped for the film. For a long time, Mads Mikkelsen was suspected to be playing Dormammu - one of Doctor Strange's most notable villains. However, Marvel Studios has since revealed the actor is playing Kaecilius, but does that mean Dormammu is officially out of the picture? According to Dan Harmon, the answer could be no.

This week, sources teased that Dan Harmon had joined onto Doctor Strange to write several last minute scenes for the film. Brought on after principal photography, Harmon's scenes were relegated to reshoots as Doctor Strange nears completion. However, the Community and Ricky and Morty writer might have let some big news slip about who Doctor Strange's big baddie will be during a recent podcast. Dan recently took to his podcast Harmontown and began to joke with fans as he's want to do. Saying he'd start writing a script for a Community movie live on air, Dan pulled up a list of recent files he's visited on his laptop, and a sharp-eyed fan noticed something peculiar on the writer's screen. Reddit user Bifrost51 spotted a document entitled "Strange Confronts Dormammu" on Dan's computer, leaving fans to wonder whether they had finally learned who Doctor Strange's villain was.

However, another more careful at the file list seems to indicate a couple of the titles were planted. After all, Dan had files like "Community Movie HT Script," "Kaecilius_01_seducation," and "Magical Mystery Tour" in his recent works. Even though the clip only appeared briefly in Dan's podcast, some fans are wondering whether the Internet savvy writer is trying to subtly troll fans desperate for Doctor Strange spoilers.

And, what's more, fans agree it's unlikely that Doctor Strange's main antagonist would be addressed through reshoots. After all, Stephen Strange's entire heroic arc will likely work in tandem with the villain's resurgence. It's not something most scripts would approach half-heartedly, but still, there is the possibility that Dan was simply polishing up a scene or two with Dormammu.

If you're not quite sure who Dormammu is, then you should know the character is often aptly referred to as 'The Black One." The immortal, god-like being is filled with malevolent magic and comes from a society of beings known as Faltine. In the comics, Dormammu works alongside his equally warped sister in the Dark Dimension and seeks to conquer all other realms in existence. So, of course, the villain would certainly clash with Stephen Strange following his training with The Ancient One.


Naturally, Marvel Studios hasn't commented on whether Dormammu will be seen in Doctor Strange under any official guise. Fans, however, continue to speculate the villain will appear in the hero's standalone film. Many currently believe Dormammu will perhaps possess Kaecilius and use his body as a way into Earth. After all, Dormammu has does have the ability to possess others in the comics since he's entered characters like Krowler before. If not through Kaecilius, then fans also believe Marvel may be keeping mum about the character due to his complete CGI rendering.

Whether Dorman's slip was intentional or not, fans won't find out whether Dormammu does show up in Doctor Strange until the flick arrives in theaters later this year on November 4th 2016.