Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Moon Knight, and More Coming as Hot Toys Figures

Following 2021's massive year of Hot Toys figures based on Marvel characters (most of which won't ship for several months, save for the sixth scale Back & Gold Spider-Man suit from No Way Home which is expected to start mailing out in Q1 of this year), it might hard for your wallet to believe that a new line-up of MCU figures is still on the way and it might be bigger than last year's. In a new video from Hot Toys, the high-end collectible manufacturer which distributes through Sideshow in United States promised new lines of figures from Moon Knight, I Am Groot, Doctor Strange in the Mutiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder.

As is tradition with Hot Toys figures, the first looks have not yet been released and likely will not until trailers or entire seasons or movies are released based on the promised titles. Eternals, for example, only recently saw a Thena figure get revealed and it is the first in the line. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: No Way Home has one of the first sixth scale figures from 2021 Marvel content to ship but has not revealed any new products for other characters in the movie who were not played by Tom Holland or Benedict Cumberbatch. Meanwhile WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (which includes Sam Wilson as Captain America), Loki (a line-up burdened with Alligator Loki), and Shang-Chi likely won't have products available for several more months. With this many new Hot Toys figures on the way, it seems the MCU collection of sixth scale figures and others products which Hot Toys offers is about to expand massively.

From these titles, there is a massive opportunity for collectible figures to be added. Some will likely be updated versions of characters and costumes while others will be their first time being made available in Hot Toys form. For example, Doctor Strange is going to be introducing Xochitl Gomez and Miss America and be loaded with characters from other universes who can also join the line up. Thor: Love and Thunder will be introducing a new costume for the God of Thunder, as well as bringing Natalie Portman back to the MCU as Jane Foster and she will take on the role of Thor for some amount of time in the film. Meanwhile, Moon Knight revealed its costume in its entirety in the trailer which released on Monday night and I Am Groot might just bring us to Planet X, as Vin Diesel teased the journey to Groot's homeworld for the Holiday Special. It is unclear, for now, which character Hot Toys and Sideshow will be offering.

"Expect to see a series of Hot Toys collections based on Marvel Studios' soon-to-be-released series and movies, covering Moon Knight, I Am Groot, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder & more," Hot Toys wrote on Instagram. Other 2022 Marvel movies and shows which the manufacturer has not yet named include Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ms. Marvel, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Which characters are you hoping to see Hot Toys figures for? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram! Moon Knight will be the first piece of MCU content in 2022, debuting on Disney+ on March 30 before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters in May.