Does 'Daredevil' Season 3 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The wait is finally over, Netflix has officially released the third season of Daredevil for fans [...]

The wait is finally over, Netflix has officially released the third season of Daredevil for fans everywhere to enjoy. While no one has quite had time yet, there remains one question in the back of everyone's mind: Is there anything after the credits when the season is all said and done?

Marvel has become known for hiding teasers at the end of movies and TV shows. That's no secret by now. Even the recently-released second season of Iron Fist included the first look at Daredevil Season 3 after its credits. Of course, this has everyone hoping that Daredevil will end with some sort of tease, perhaps the first footage of The Punisher's upcoming installment.

After a quick skip to the very end of the final episode of Daredevil Season 3, we're sad to report that, unlike Iron Fist, there's no post-credits teaser this time around. When the credits roll, it's all over.

Even though Daredevil Season 3 doesn't deliver a post-credits scene, it does manage to introduce the Marvel hero's most popular comic book rival.

Actor Wilson Bethel portrays Agent Benjamin Poindexter in the new season, and he recently talked with about his character's relationship with Daredevil once he's introduced.

"At this point I'm very familiar with the comic book version," Bethel said of portraying Bullseye. "I keep in the back of my mind somewhere what that is, but I think, really, what's important is to be truthful to who the character is right now in the moment. So, you can't play Benjamin Poindexter as a version Bullseye. It's the other way around, if anything.

"What you get to see in this season is, hopefully, a really nuanced portrait of a man with some very serious psychological issues, who is getting pulled down this path. Hopefully what they're seeing is a human portrayal and not like a hyperbolic portrayal. The evolution of a man, rather than the evolution of a villain."

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