Elizabeth Hurley Breaks Silence on Joining Marvel as Runaways Villain Morgan le Fay

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just casted one more of its iconic villains, this time borrowing from the mystical side of the franchise with the live-action debut of Morgan Le Fay. In a surprising twist, the character will be appearing in the upcoming third season of Marvel's Runaways on Hulu. And perhaps more surprisingly, the devilish sorceress will be played by none other than Elizabeth Hurley on the Marvel Television series.

With Julian McMahon already playing such a major role in the series, adding Hurley as a villain gives the away team another boost of star power that the Marvel's Runaways will need to contend with. And it sounds like the actress is excited to play le Fay, as she indicated on her own social media platform.

In a report from Variety that announced the casting, Marvel's Runaways executive producer and Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb praised Hurley's casting and expressed excitement for her addition to the new season of the popular series.

“Elizabeth Hurley is joining the Marvel Universe and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her portraying one of the most enchanting Marvel characters."

Le Fay has long been a devastating villain in the pages of Marvel Comics, especially in recent storylines that saw her takeover the fantasy-inspired domain of Weirdworld.

It will be interesting to see how her character factors into Marvel's Runaways Season 3, especially as members of PRIDE have been taken over by Jonah's alien spirit family. The series has only hinted at supernatural aspects, but attempted to explain the magical properties of Nico's Staff of One as a piece of high-tech equipment. Season 2 of the series nearly walked back those claims, revealing that the Staff's nature might be more magical than Nico's mother originally let on.

In fact, as she used more powerful spells of the Staff toward the end of the season, here eyes began to crack in the skin much like Kaecilius and the other followers of Dormamu in the movie Doctor Strange. This may tease that the Staff actually has ties to the Dark Dimension, which has also been explored in Agents of SHIELD.


It remains to be seen just how Morgan le Fay will factor into the new season of Marvel's Runaways, but Hurley's new villain is sure to add a lot more problems for the group of teens.

The first two seasons of Marvel's Runaways are now streaming on Hulu.