Eternals Star Gemma Chan Reveals Which Marvel Hero She Wants Sersi to Team Up With

Marvel Studios' Eternals will introduce a dozen new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at one time, as a race of ancient beings charged with protecting mankind steps out into the spotlight after years of hiding. While these characters have been around for all of the events of the MCU to this point, they've stayed out of the way, which means they likely haven't had many run-ins with the franchise's other heroes. That's sure to change at some point. At least some of the Eternals will pop up in other MCU movies and shows for more adventures, and one of the film's main stars has an idea about who she's like her character to meet.

Gemma Chan plays Sersi in Eternals, one of the group's most well-known characters from the comics. She has been part of the Avengers on the page, so the possibilities for her to work with other MCU heroes on-screen seem to be pretty endless.'s Brandon Davis recently spoke to Chan about her role in the MCU, and when asked about her dream team-up, the actress pointed to none other than Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie.

"It's so interesting actually, cause obviously the Eternals have been on earth for the last 7,000 years," Chan said. "So they could have had several run-ins with them, various different characters. But I actually really think that Sersi and Valkyrie would have a lot of fun together."

Both Valkyrie and Sersi are incredibly powerful beings who understand much more about the galaxy we live in than most heroes on Earth. They've got a lot in common and it probably wouldn't be too surprising to see them link up at some point.

Sersi may not have much screen time in the MCU just yet, but the same can't be said for the actor playing her. Eternals will mark the second time this year that a Marvel Studios film has a star that previously appeared in the MCU as a different character. Before starring in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as Ying Nan, Michelle Yeoh briefly appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Aleta Ogord. Chan's Sersi will also be her second go-round in the MCU after Captain Marvel, where she played Minn-Erva.

"My character dies in [Captain Marvel], so I thought there was no chance that I would really be coming back, which I was a bit bummed about," Chan told The Hollywood Reporter last year. "But then I encountered [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin Feige during the awards circuit for Crazy Rich Asians and out of the blue, he just came up and said, 'We'd love to have you back. We'd love to make better use of you. We want you to do something else, so let's find that project.' But, to be honest, I had no idea that it would be so soon."

Gemma Chan stars in Marvel's Eternals, in theaters on November 5th.