Eternals Trailer Addresses Thanos And Where The Team Was During Avengers: Endgame

Eternals decided to let everyone know where these heroes were during Avengers: Endgame during the [...]

Eternals decided to let everyone know where these heroes were during Avengers: Endgame during the final trailer. Marvel Studios had the whole Internet talking when it dropped the clip on social media this morning. Basically, the Celestials charged their group with only interfering with human life if the Deviants were involved. A lot of people probably weren't expecting the first couple of seconds to lay out why Ikaris, Sersi, and others didn't swoop in during the Avengers' last two outings to help turn the tide. It might be a bit of an excuse, but there is a weird sort of logic to it. (One might argue that Thanos snapping half of all life in the universe out of existence is a little bit more of a problem than some weird demons rolling around, but what can you do?) At any rate, it may have behooved the team to get up and get active on the front end, because The Snap kickstarts all the action in Chloe Zhao's movie.

When Thanos blipped half of all life on Earth and elsewhere, the Avengers weren't going to take this lying down. So, they went on that time heist to restore the population. Unfortunately, that means the Deviants have the power to emerge. The Eternals are going to have seven days to rally their friends back together and make a stand against these monsters. They haven't seen some of their friends in more than 100 years, but The Eternals are going to need all of their extraordinary powers to meet the level of these monsters. During Marvel's trailer, fans got a glimpse of just how wild some of these power sets can be. It looks like this Fall just got a whole lot more interesting.

Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman didn't get a ton of screen time during the trailer. But, he's excited to be a part of the MCU. He spoke to Sirius XM about the movie and what lured him to this role in particular recently.

"I'm a big fan of the MCU. So when they come knocking it's very exciting," Harington explained during the interview. "The character, I won't go into why he interests me, because it's more than my life is worth to tell you. But what did interest me about that piece was that it as Chloe Zhao directing. I met her and spoke with her and was so impressed by her. The cast was sort of phenomenal and wide-ranging and diverse. It just looked like they were doing something really different with this movie. I can't tell you much about it but we filmed it pre-pandemic. And it's coming out finally, it was sort of frustrating that it got pushed back so much. But now I'll be going on and doing some press for that soon and it's really exciting."

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