Eternals VFX Made Sure Eros' Portals Looked Different From Doctor Strange's Sling Ring

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Hollywood's largest franchise and fans feverishly pore over every frame they can get from Marvel Studios, whether it be a film or streaming show on Disney+. With the size of the MCU comes a zillion or so fan theories for each property, so filmmakers are awfully careful what they put out. Take Eros (Harry Styles), as an example. In the closing moments of Eternals, the character portals in to introduce himself to characters movie-goers spent the better part of three hours getting to know.

A popular portal effect has been used time and time again in the MCU, except it's typically due to the involvement of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) or another Master of the Mystic Arts. That's why Eternals VFX boss Stephane Ceretti and his team worked hard to avoid any comparisons. It's also why Ceretti and company ended up turning to disco music for some inspiration.

"The portal? Oh, it was just like... That was another portal where we were like, 'I'm not going to do a circular portal. I'm fed up with...' Cause I had worked on Doctor Strange and I've done many portals in my life as a visual effects supervisor, and was like, 'Let's not do something we've done before,'" Ceretti says during the film's audio commentary on Disney+ (via The Direct).

He adds, "And so we looked around and I thought about things, and I wanted something colorful using kind of mirrors and, not Mirror Dimension style, but playing around with the idea that he was coming out from a bit of a disco place. But I thought it was appropriate for Eros."

Eternals helmer Chloe Zhao was also on-hand to offer commentary, suggesting disco is perfect for the character, adding "Eros is the God of Love, so everything about this, you want to feel much more colorful and fun."

Eternals is now both streaming on Disney+.

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