Falcon and the Winter Soldier Stunt Actor Explains Why Bucky Didn't Use Guns in the Series

Sebastian Stan's stunt man John Nania talked about why Bucky Barnes didn't use guns in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There's no question that the Super Soldier was turning over a new leaf in the Disney+ series. However, it's not completely stated for the audience. The stunt man decided to break it down a bit more for the fans. Bucky's journey out of being The Winter Soldier is one of the core conflicts in this adventure. Overcoming the brainwashing and being a killer still plagues him daily by the time viewers catch up with him. However, Stan's character puts in the work to put that behind him. Think of the active choice to avoid firearms as an extension of that storytelling effort. Check out what Nania had to say about their approach and the training that went along with it down below.

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"You may have noticed during the season of #thefalconandthewintersoldier Bucky didn't use guns and knives as much as you might have expected. This was a conscious decision to help show Bucky's journey away from being just a killer. So when @davemacomber came to me with this idea for a knife fight, I instantly loved it. We referred to this fight as "you can't dethrone the king" If you take note Bucky uses the back unsharp side of the tanto in a defensive manor while he traps and parries, even throwing the knife next to Diego's head as a statement 'don't make me cross that line.'"

"This is one of my favorite fights not only because of the context but because what you're seeing is almost 100% @imsebastianstan and he nailed it, and for the record he also nailed the knife flip on the first take (don't worry Dave your memory isn't going) I added some photos of us practicing the knife flip, enjoying coffee, in a Starbucks in Prague, while @jeaton_ and #wyattrussell were outside doing the unthinkable to poor Nico. Posted @withregram • @davemacomber Viz, rehearse, shoot. If I remember correctly, @imsebastianstan did the no-look flip catch on take one (pretty sure John did for the viz, too)."

Stan's Bucky Barnes was on a mission from the word go in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In trying to make amends, he learns that he has to actually be of service to other people and forge his own path. This time, he won't be doing it with guns.


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