First Zemo Footage In New Captain America: Civil War TV Spot

Baron Zemo
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The Marvel films have already introduced us to a few of Captain America's infamous rogues gallery, including Batroc, Arnim Zola, and of course The Red Skull.

Captain America: Civil War will introduce two more into the film canon with the debuts of both Crossbones and Zemo, played by Frank Grillo and Daniel Bruhl respectively. In the newest foreign TV spot for the film, we get two small glimpses of Bruhl's character, but they still don't give much insight as to what his role is in the film.


With an already packed cast, my guess is his presence is more to setup either Captain America 4 or possibly his involvement with Avengers: Infinity War. We'll all find out soon though when Civil War drops on May 6th.