Funko's Toy Fair Marvel Lineup Includes Three X-Men Dark Phoenix Pops


Given the sheer size of Funko's record setting string of new releases for New York Toy Fair 2019, we would be surprised if the release of a few X-Men Dark Phoenix Pops and a set of PEZ was all they had on tap from Marvel. However, it seems that will be the case.

Still, a Dark Phoenix Pop is pretty awesome. Three Dark Phoenix Pops is even better (well, technically there are four). The standard Dark Phoenix Pop will be available to pre-order right here before the end of the day today, February 15th. Inside that link you will also find a Dark Phoenix Rock Candy figure and new Pop PEZ featuring Ant-Man, Beast, Logan and Ghost Rider.

As for the other two Dark Phoenix Pops, look for a winged variant with a glow-in-the-dark Chase at Hot Topic and a glow-in-the-dark variant of the standard version at Walmart sometime in the coming months.


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