Ghost Rider Helmer Reveals What MCU Movie He Wants to Make

Mark Steven Johnson feels pretty content with where he's at in his career. The helmer has returned to his roots, making comedies for Netflix. That's why if the opportunity ever arises, he'd probably only direct something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if it was a full-fledged comedy.

Speaking with for our Hellfire and Brimstone: A Celebration of Marvel's Ghost Rider piece, Johnson says his "fanboy" self would love to join the MCU — only if he got the chance to flex his funny bone.

"It's been a wild career. I've had a blast. But I am back doing what I love and that's comedy. I started out writing the Grumpy Old Men movies and that's what I love to do," the Ghost Rider helmer says. I'm doing my second comedy for Netflix right now in Verona, Italy and having the time of my life."

That's when Johnson makes his MCU reveal, even suggesting he'd be down to do a future iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy should the cards align.

"If I did another Marvel movie it would be a comedic one. I just love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies," Johnson adds. "They are the perfect blend of comedy and action and heart. I would love to make something like that. Most of all I'm just excited to see what Kevin and the gang come up with next. I'm still the same fanboy I was at six years old."

For what it's worth, Johnson has already worked with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige twice — both on Ben Affleck's Daredevil and then on 2007's Ghost Rider.

"Kevin was always brilliant. Kind but supremely confident," he recalls. "His knowledge about this world is second to none. I'm really happy for him. It's just been a meteoric success."

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