Hulu's Ghost Rider Show Was Intended to Crossover With Helstrom, Two Other Shows

Marvel fans will always wonder about the Ghost Rider TV series that could have been. Following a stint on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Robbie Reyes was supposed to get his own solo series that could dive into the Marvel underworld, with actor Gabriel Luna reprising his role as the titular Spirit of Vengeance. The project was established over at Hulu and pre-production had begun, but it never come to pass, as Marvel Studios absorbed Marvel Television and got rid of just about everything in development. Losing out on this potential Ghost Rider series is tough enough, but it turns out that show would have actually been part of a bigger world, crossing over with other titles to form a Defenders-style franchise on Hulu.'s Adam Barnhardt recently caught up with Luna to talk about all things Ghost Rider, as part of a retrospective look at the iconic character over the years. While talking about the cancelled Ghost Rider series, Luna explained that it was supposed to connect to Helstrom and a couple of other shows.

"I remember when I was pitching stuff, I had a really awesome idea that would have kept Robbie in L.A. and that would have pitted us against classic Ghost Rider villains," Luna told us. As it turns out, one of those villains would have been Lilith, Marvel's Mother of Demons, who would have been the main villain of the entire crossover "And I think it would have led up to her being the big bad of what we were initially trying to start, which was this four-show, very Defenders-esque thing that was going to happen."

Helstrom was far enough into the production process that it was able to at least finish and release its first season, but Ghost Rider was axed before production could begin.

"There was a great opportunity missed for a character that was truly beloved and, for a Mexican-American superhero to be prominently displayed, 'American' being the operative word," Luna added. "I'm always trying to tell people that the goal is, of course, to have ourselves represented on screen, but beyond that, the ultimate goal, the next step is to have others who don't look like us see themselves in us and that's what I was hoping to achieve at that show and I think we were there."

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