Hawkeye Directors Duck Questions About Echo's Mysterious Uncle

The Hawkeye directing duo of Bert and Bertie continues to duck questions regarding the possible identity of Echo's mysterious uncle, who many fans believe is really Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. Episode 3 of the Disney+ series, titled "Echoes," flashed back to the early years of Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox). One scene featured a young Echo, played by Alaqua Cox's real-life cousin, being greeted by someone her father called "Uncle." The man wearing a black dress coat and large hands gave Maya a gentle squeeze of her cheek. Speculation continues to point to Kingpin, though the Hawkeye directors are still dodging questions. 

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Bert and Bertie about Hawkeye Episodes 3 and 4. When asked if the actor playing Maya's uncle will be revealed at a point in the future, Bert and Bertie remained mum while referencing an earlier joke about taking Marvel Studios out on a date in order to win their directorial role. "We couldn't possibly say," Bertie said. "I can't remember," Bert added. Bertie chimed back in, saying, "Yes, we can't remember," as Bertie added, "It was such a long time ago.

This isn't the first time the Hawkeye directors have discussed Maya's uncle. Bert and Bertie previously told ComicBook.com that they "wouldn't leave fans hanging" when it came to the big reveal. "[The filmmakers at] Marvel are experts are teasing things in their shows," Bert told ComicBook.com when asked if fans would ever find out the identity of the uncle. "But they never leave you hanging." She then added "for too long" before moving on to the next question.

Rhys Thomas, another director on Hawkeye, has explained why the project works best as a TV series compared to a feature film.

"I mean, you know, it's time getting to spend time with these characters and let them grow. And again, we're introducing this character and you know, it's it's about these guys coming together and learning from one another and, and, yeah, and also, it's a world that you get to live in for a little longer," Thomas began. "I don't know. I mean, again, it's to me, it's just more time you know, it's always I think you fall in love with these characters when you make these things and you fall in love with all the possibilities of the you know, the ways you can annoy Clint and, and, you know, smash them together. And so yeah, getting to really, you know, have the runway to do that is you're always gonna take it."

New episodes of Hawkeye drop every Wednesday on Disney+.